Neutral Tone Landscapes

Neutral tone paintings.
Offering custom original landscapes and abstract designs.
Framed pieces come in 8x10 or 11x14, can be done on canvas (any size) or plant pots.

Plant pots: $35 for one $55 for two
Framed pieces: Starting at $80
Canvas: Starting at $65



Pets - People - Things


Framed 8x10 piece, 4x6 in a matter 10x10 frame, also could be done on any size of canvas. Black and white frame options.


Canvas Pieces

Can be made in any size as per request, and can be customized. A popular size is 18x24.

$65 - $200 +


Family Tree / Name Mountains 

Incorporating names into the design of a family tree, or landscape of mountains. Just give me all the names you want to add in, and ill create the piece for you! make sure to clarify if you want mountains or a family tree, and if you need the names in specific order. 
$80 +
 Framed 8x10 piece, or can be done on canvas



Custom Shoe Design

Hand painted logos, minimal design, etc.

Drop off a clean pair of shoes at my art workshop location

$125 for both shoes


Custom Piece

Anything you can think of, let me know! 

My most common / popular size is 8x10 



Custom Plant Pots 

Usual size: 3 inches x 4 inches
Will customize any size plant pot upon request!
Design for pots:
Minimal Design
$35 for one $55 for two


Order Info

From order date, my pieces take about 3-4 weeks to create.
If you need the piece/ pieces sooner, I can try my best to accommodate that. 

Pick up for pieces is in the heart of Kensington

Shipping available - only inside Canada and for 8x10 pieces. 

For payment:  Etransfer or cash at pick up.

disclaimer: If you want to make changes to your finished piece, please respect the redraw fee that is 30%-50% of the total price of the original piece itself. NO RETURNS OR REFUNDS.  I put a lot of love and effort into the pieces, but that being said, I want to make sure its something that you end up loving completely yourself once finished! making sure you give me enough detail in your order, will help me get it just perfect for you! also keep in mind that portraits and custom pieces are done in my style of art. they are pieces that I create from my own unique artistic magic <3

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